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Unique relaxation
in a wooden hot tub

Relaxing in a wooden hot tub is not just relaxation, but a cocktail of hydrotherapy and fresh air. It is relaxation of the mind and muscles, which will make you forget about sorrows and worries. It will serve as an oasis of tranquillity for you alone and for no one else. It is your little spa in your backyard!

Remember how pleasant you felt the last time you returned from the spa! Now you can enjoy this feeling whenever you want. The next night will be full of pleasant sleep! All you need is free space in the backyard or in front of the house!

from the manufacturer

We are a manufacturer that has been producing wooden hot tubs for 5 years. Over the years, we have strengthened our knowledge and improved our products. We have achieved the principles of creating a safe and high-quality product, but we do not rest on our laurels and continue to introduce new ideas. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best products, a wide variety of ways to relax and unforgettable experiences!

What is a wooden hot tub?

Simply put, it is a large bathtub for outdoor use. It has a large capacity - up to 8 people. Usually, people place wooden hot tubs near their houses. The simplest type of wooden hot tub requires only water and firewood to fire the stove. If you want to supplement the wooden hot tub with a hydrosystem, an air system or LED lighting, you will also need electricity. The wooden hot tub heating options are the biggest difference between them. Electric, gas and wood heating types are possible. The most popular type of heating is wood.

Traditionally, wooden hot tubs were made in the form of large wooden baths that were heated with wood, but nowadays, with the possibility of adding massage and underwater lighting into jacuzzi, a wooden hot tub has become almost like a jacuzzi.

Using an outdoor wooden hot tub

For yourself
A wooden hot tub will fit perfectly next to a private house, a country house or even on an undeveloped plot of land. This is a great opportunity to enjoy relaxation without visiting crowded spas. It will be available at any time, and it will also look good in your backyard.

The wooden hot tub can also be used as an assistant at parties - you will no longer have to sit at the table, everyone will have fun!
Need to entertain children at a children's party? No problem!
For business
A wooden hot tub can be placed next to the guesthouse or small country houses that are popular nowadays. This will be a great way to empower your business by providing customers with a more fulfilling vacation!

The wooden hot tub can also be mounted on a trailer making it mobile, so it is possible to deliver it to a potential tenant.

Pleasant and useful

Benefits of regular use of a wooden hot tub
the nervous system
sleep quality
skin tone
the cardiovascular system
joint pain
the frequency of colds
Muscle relaxation,
massage effect
General strengthening
of immunity

Construction of an outdoor wooden hot tub

Finishing material
The outside of the tub is lined with natural lining boards. They are painted in the color of the textured décor of your choice. This colour not only emphasizes the texture of natural wood, but also protects it from environmental influences.
Tub depth - 0.85 m
Tub inner width - 1.8 m
Tub outer diameter -2 m
Tub height from the ground - 0.98 m
Tub total size with the steps and stove
2.7 m - 3.4 m
Standard steps
0.60 m high and 0.75 m wide
Stove (optional, removable or built-in)
The main task of the stove is to heat the water in the tub. It is made of stainless steel, which protects the metal from corrosion (when contacting water). It also has all the necessary properties to withstand high temperatures. Stainless metal is additionally divided into AISI classes - you can learn more about them when ordering a wooden hot tub. All stoves also come with a 2-meter chimney.
Here you can choose from two types of tubs - fiberglass and acrylic. They are manufactured to withstand a large volume of water. The types of these tubs vary in material, thickness, appearance and method of manufacture. Our specialist will choose the most suitable option for everyone, leaving the choice of the tub color up to you!
Worth knowing!
A wooden hot tub with a removable stove will be more spacious and a wooden hot tub with a built-in stove will be more compact.

Other parameters are also possible

We manufacture custom wooden hot tubs. Choose the most suitable option for your place and immediately find out its cost - fill out a short survey!
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Select the type of your outdoor hot tub
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A popular choice
A wooden hot tub with a removable stove
Up to 8 people, tub volume
- 1000 liters
• Advantages

• Takes longer to heat up, • Requires additional space on the site
A wooden hot tub with a built-in stove
Up to 6 people, tub volume
- 750 liters
• Small size
• Fast water heating

• Less space in the wooden hot tub
Choose the tub material (interior):
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A popular choice
A popular solution with excellent quality-to-price ratio
• Unique design
• UV resistant
Choose the tub color:
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A popular choice
Brown marble
A popular choice
RAL 7004 Light grey
RAL 7015 Dark grey
RAL 7032 Ivory
RAL 3005 Red
Light grey mother-of-pearl
Dark grey mother-of-pearl
Champagne mother-of-pearl
Choose the finishing board color (exterior)
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A popular choice
Obsidian Black
Platinum Grey
Teak Wood
Choose another one from the catalogue (for an additional cost)
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A popular choice
Whirlpool massage
Whirlpool massage
Cup holder
Thermal cover
Water filtration system
Choose a gift:
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Black towel
White towel
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Details make all the difference

Finishing boards
We use 1st class finishing boards. We have selected colours of the finishing boards that emphasize the natural texture of the wood. We separately paint each finishing board twice on both sides. In this way, we guarantee the best protection against the impact of the environment. You can be sure that the wooden hot tub boards will last a long time even in the harshest weather conditions.
Thermal cover
The good thing about the thermal cover is that it is lightweight - it will be easy for you to take it off and put it on. You will be able to fold it in half and check the water temperature. There's foam inside that won't let the water cool down while you heat the tub. The thermal cover does not scratch the surface of the tub!
Water drainage system
We have made sure that draining water from the wooden hot tub is convenient and practical. With water outlets, the water drains beyond the base of the tub. This significantly extends the service life of the wooden hot tub’s base structure.
Decorative hoops
Stainless steel hoops give the structure extra strength and attractive visual effect.
Chimney protection
Protects against accidental contact with the chimney of the stove. It will protect not only the youngest wooden hot tub visitors, but also you!

Optional extra package

Interesting additions for aesthetics and comfort
An additional built-in water massage system allows you to enjoy the pleasant massaging effect of water. This massage is based on a water jet - it is blown out through the nozzles built into the tub. It is also possible to adjust the jet pressure, so you can choose the most suitable jet pressure for both yourself and the children.

The standard package includes 8 water nozzles located at the rear. Individual layout and an increase in the number of nozzles are possible.
Whirlpool massage
Whirlpool massage or pearl massage. The massage is achieved through small air nozzles built into the tub, through which, air bubbles are blown out. Air bubbles resemble small pearls. This will make your wooden hot tub boil. It should be mentioned that such procedures are offered even in rehabilitation centres.

The standard package includes 12 air nozzles located in the leg and back area, but individual layout is possible.
LED lighting
Decorate your wooden hot tub and make it shine. A wooden hot tub will add zest to the party and a bouquet of tranquility and pleasant sensations to a romantic evening for two.
Cup holder
For a good rest, drinks should also be provided. We have made sure that the drinks can be comfortably placed at arm's length.
Tub insulation using heat-insulating foam. Heat-insulation foam provides faster heating of the water in the wooden hot tub and slower cooling.
Water filter
The water filtration system ensures that you have clean and clear water.


We care not only about your comfort
Electrical safety - every wooden hot tub that uses any electrical equipment (hydraulic system, air bubbles, LED lighting, etc.) is equipped with an IP 55 current leakage relay. It serves as a guarantor of safety at the slightest short-circuit current, so you can feel completely safe.

Chimney protection: When you heat the stove, the chimney heats up, so we have provided each of our wooden hot tubs with special protection that will prevent accidental contact with a hot surface.

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